Kristen on Leno -> She looked GORGEOUS, was super funny and personable, talked about punching Chris Hemsworth lol & her hurt thumbs from SWATH and BD. We kept "awww"ing her injuries and she was like, 'you guys c'mon.'

She talked about the Twilight audition process and how she, Catherine, and Rob were just so crazy with that movie which is why it's so good.

Jay said he liked the BD wedding and she talked about how she was a flower girl in a wedding when she was little but totally rebelled against the instruction, instead running down the aisle and then just dumping her entire basket of flowers out. Made a cute self-deprecating jibe about she wanted to just do her own thing (even as a kid).
She introduced the BD clip with something like 'pretty sure I'm preggo' and then was acting out parts of it as she watched it play. Hee.

Dave Attel (second guest w porn show) made her giggly and she joked about how immature she was being about the word 'porn'. He complimented her on The Runaways (and we all cheered) and at a certain point asked her what she was into (implied, sexually) and she was like, Hmmm lemme think about that and then tell you on national television. Hee. He also said we're all adults here right, you're an adult? And she was like 'Damn straight.'

She took off her shoes before the music segment and just stood barefoot in the studio during Joe Jonas's performance and for the filmed intros after. She talked to Joe after his song, clear they know each other.

#BadAssChick #SureImForgettingShit #SheWasAmazeballs

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