[Trans] 111002 Shimshimtapa with SNSD Full Translation Part 5 (Last):

(**Read this first: I’ve translated whatever I think is relevant. It doesn’t contain the full conversation so it can’t be made into subtitles, but most lines, especially important ones are translated. You can also choose to watch the video while referring to this; most people should be able to follow. )

Shindong: In this way, our time with SNSD, has ended. Look at the time now, we have 3 minutes left. How was today? Jessica ssi, you did appear!
Jessica: Hello~
Shindong: Jessica ssi came out~ How was today? Let’s hear from you
Jessica: Today… The secret revealing…
Shindong: Are you revealing?
Jessica: No…
Taeyeon: Please reveal one!
Jessica: I don’t have… what’s with the music?!
Sooyoung: Just say the last one
Taeyeon: Yoona Yoona
Jessica: Shindong oppa, in Strong Heart… He sleeps while snoring.
Shindong: How about Seohyun?
Seohyun: For today, in fact we don’t have scripts, but I enjoyed it very much


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