[Trans] 111002 Shimshimtapa with SNSD Full Translation Part 4:

(**Read this first: I’ve translated whatever I think is relevant. It doesn’t contain the full conversation so it can’t be made into subtitles, but most lines, especially important ones are translated. You can also choose to watch the video while referring to this; most people should be able to follow. )

==Round 2: How well do you know soshi secrets?==

Shindong: Secrets of SNSD are going to be revealed on Shimshimtapa, but it’s boring to just say like this. Member who answers the quiz questions gets the right to reveal an SNSD secret. However, when the member answers wrongly, others will have a chance to reveal her secret. So, to reveal others’ secret, you have to get the answer right.
SNSD members are required to guess the name of the song at the first second it is played.
Taeyeon: It’s totally easy~
Shindong: It’s easy? Really? When a member guess it correctly, just reveal a secret. Shout the name of the song when you know the answer.

Q1. (Music Plays)
Tiffany: TEE! Pany. Star star star
Shindong: Star star star, whose song is this?
Tiffany: SNSD..?
Shindong: Which album?
Tiffany: 1st full album.
Shindong: Which track is it? You have to say this. 1, 2…
Members: 5th, 5th!
Tiffany: Last song..?
Shindong: *Ding* It’s wrong. Please reveal her secret. It’s not easy, right?
(Members took turns to answer which track is it, Taeyeon got the right answer – 8th)
Shindong: So, Taeyeon has the right to reveal a secret.
Taeyeon: But, but! There’s no interesting secret.
Shindong: It will be fine in any way, since you can’t reveal your own secret.
Taeyeon: There isn’t any particular secret of the members too… (To members) What do we have?
Shindong: It can be something hiding inside a member that is different from her outer appearance
Taeyeon: It’s boring to say thing frankly… Something like, Yuri has no makeup now? In fact I have applied BB cream, but Yuri chingu has nothing.
(@imwhywhy: LMAO YURI CHNGU)
Yuri: I didn’t apply BB cream
Shindong: How about this question: Among the 6 members, who has most money in her bank account? I’m really interested in knowing this, which member has an economic mind?
Members: Tiffany
Sooyoung: She’s usually impulsive
Shindong: I’m curious, which area are you impulsive towards?
Taeyeon: That person…
Shindong: That person?
Taeyeon: always comes and visit a time in a few months... That person… suddenly comes, and guide us.
Shindong: When does that person come?
Taeyeon: Now that weather changes…
Tiffany: And molts…
Shindong: Molts?!
Taeyeon: When we are all changing... from short sleeves into long sleeves…
Shindong: Is it the God of Impulsive Buying?
Taeyeon: Yes… That person comes…
Shindong: So this question goes out to Tiffany – What’s the most recent item you’ve bought?
Tiffany: Oh! This this… warmer
Taeyeon: It’s the God of Arm Fur
Shindong: Is this expensive?
Tiffany: No, I didn’t spend much
Shindong: So is there anything you bought that’s more expensive..?
Tiffany: Fur coat

Q2. (Music Plays)
Sooyoung: Sooyoung!
Shindong: Sooyoung was the first
Sooyoung: Etude.
Yuri: YURI! Babe Babe Babe!
Shindong: Three Babe? Wrong
Sooyoung: Sooyoung! Baby Baby! Repackage Album, 1st track
Shindong: Wait… Repackage album..?
Sooyoung: 1st album first track!
Shindong: No…
Tiffany: Tiffany! 1st album 4th track
Sooyoung: 1st album 3rd track
Shindong: That’s right, Sooyoung ssi please reveal a secret
Sooyoung: Yuri…. Once on the plane… Landed with her pants wet.
Shindong: We can’t listen anymore, let’s end it here. If we listen more, we might make mistakes and imagine weird things
Yuri: NO!! You must know the entire story
Sooyoung: Yuri wet her butt, damply… and landed.
Shindong: Let’s read messages first.. XXX said, “Uh ah! Wet pants?”, 3024 said, “Yuri unnie, I’m disappointed”
Sooyoung: She needs time to explain
Shindong: Wait a moment, 33018 said, “Is it something I’m imagining…?”
Yuri: *screams* I was just… Sleeping…. Ki-Myo-Yeon (Kim Hyoyeon) who was beside me…. Just poured… orange juice… onto my pants. So my butt was just wet… I didn’t know it’s orange juice… I thought it’s water…
Shindong: Did you land with that situation?
Yuri: No, because it’s a long hour fight, first I changed… changed…
Shindong: Let’s end this here! Thank you!

Q4. (Music Plays)
Taeyeon: Um! I can’t think of the title, how!?!? (Weird gestures again)
Yuri: Yuri! Mistake, and, Hoot mini album, 4th…?
Tiffany: Tiffany! Hoot mini 3rd album, 3rd track.
Shindong: 3rd track is wrong!
Sooyoung: Sooyoung! 2nd track?
Shindong: It’s right!
Tiffany: Isn’t it Yuri ssi’s song?
Yuri: I wrote it but there is no need to memorize the track number, right?
Sooyoung had the 2nd chance to reveal a secret, she started to think. In the process, Taeyeon said to Jessica: “You can’t sleep, you can’t sleep.”
But Sooyoung can’t think of any secret, so she gave the chance to Taeyeon.
Taeyeon: Sunny.... ‘Gamok’.
Shindong: Gamok?
Taeyeon: Wig.
Shindong: Ah let’s end this here! Wait… There’s a lot of wigs, it can also be half wig
Taeyeon: Entire wig. She used wig, she USED.
Shindong: Wait a moment, 3919 said, “Ah, Sunny unnie, do you have circle round hair loss?”
Taeyeon: Of course not… Her secret is that, because she used wig, every morning, she’s lazy to use shampoo.
Shindong: XXX asked this question: “Soonkyu unnie doesn’t wash hair often?”
Taeyeon: She washed too much, it turned a little fuzzy. Because we have a lot of schedules, we are in a hurry so we go home for a while, clean our make up and go out again. In this situation, she has no choice but to let it last it for a long time.
Shindong: 3810 asked, “So her hair becomes smelly?”
Members: No~!
Sooyoung: I thought of one! Hyoyeon… used her own hand to plug out sideburns.
Members: (To sooyoung) you’re going to get scolded by Hyoyeon
Jessica: If Hyoyeon was here, she would have *punch*
Taeyeon: It’s Hyoleon-naleut.. (Sideburns is called ‘Guleh-naluet’)
Shindong: Who gave this name?
Tiffany: Fans
Sooyoung: The reason is funny too
Tiffany: When we tie hair, there will be long hair here, it looks very long.
Shindong: We have many types of sideburns, many people know 2 types. There are people who call the fur-like hair at side of the head as ‘sideburns’. What kind of sideburn is it?
Seohyun: She made the top part of the hair as sideburns…
Sooyoung: Let’s not discuss anymore about this


Trans: @imwhywhy

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