[Trans] 111002 Shimshimtapa with SNSD Full Translation Part 3:

(**Read this first: I’ve translated whatever I think is relevant. It doesn’t contain the full conversation so it can’t be made into subtitles, but most lines, especially important ones are translated. You can also choose to watch the video while referring to this; most people should be able to follow. )

Seohyun chose the song ‘Say Yes’.
Shindong: What kind of song is this, can you explain a little?
Seohyun: Ah this song…
Taeyeon: What song is this!

(@imwhywhy says: When Seohyun chose this song, obviously Taeyeon made an expression because Sica shouted her name, although we can’t see her face. Taeyeon was whispering and hinting something to Seohyun when Seohyun was asked to introduce the song, because Seohyun kept looking at her when she talked.)

Seohyun: I chose this song because this is a cheerful song… (laughter) Firstly it’s a song of confession; it’s for the person one likes (stares at Taeyeon). The mind that was shut for a long time will only open for 10 seconds, it asks people to say yes.
Shindong: It’s great, who are you confessing to?
Seohyun: Eh?!
Shindong: Let’s listen to the song now…

(Say Yes plays)

Shindong: We’ve listened to ‘Say Yes’, this is the cute song? Ah so cute~
Yuri: There is a cuter song
Shindong: So this is a moderate one? What’s the title of that song?
Members: My J~
Shindong: Who’s that J?
Seohyun: It’s the composer… Last initial of his name
Shindong: Ah his own content, but asking SNSD to sing? Sounds good…


Trans: @imwhywhy

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