[Trans] 111002 Shimshimtapa with SNSD Full Translation Part 2:

(**Read this first: I’ve translated whatever I think is relevant. It doesn’t contain the full conversation so it can’t be made into subtitles, but most lines, especially important ones are translated. You can also choose to watch the video while referring to this; most people should be able to follow. )

==1st corner: How well do you know soshi album?==

Shindong: It's time to promote soshi album, as they released their 3rd full album, if we don't talk about it, it's a regret for us. So, please introduce it to us~ Jessica ssi? We'll give you 10 seconds

Jessica: There are 12 songs altogether, 'The Boys' composed with Teddy Riley is the title song... There are many.. (time's up) GENRES IN IT!!

Shindong: We have prepared quiz related to the album, the winner of this round has the right to choose the song for next round.
The member who pays most attention and is fond of this album will be 'yuri', but it's not Yuri.

(**Yuri also means 'be at advantage')

As the difficulty of the question varies, the marks for each question is different. We will only announce the marks after the right answer is revealed.

Q1. (Vitamin plays)
Taeyeon: Me! Vitamin!
Shindong: please shout the correct answer~
Taeyeon: Me! Vitamin!
Shindong: Yea Vitamin is right!
Yuri: Ah what's this!!
Shindong: But this isn't even a question.
Yuri: I knew it I knew it

Shindong: Here comes the question. In the 3rd album photos, there is a group photo where members wore wedding dress. Members wore gorgeous wedding dresses..

Sooyoung: SOOYOUNG!
Taeyeon: gave me a shock... aw..!
Shindong: Sooyoung ssi, the question is not even out now.. Please shout the answer, the answer is?
Sooyoung: Sooyoung!
Shindong: That's the right answer!
Sooyoung: HAHAHAHA!
Shindong: The question is, what's the name of the member who wore long sleeve dress alone in the photo?
Tiffany: But.. I, Tiffany, also wore long sleeves. The answer is: 2 members!
Shindong: Let's check
Sooyoung: This is too much!

Shindong: I'm looking at the photo now.. Tiffany is.. Ah, this is a little uncertain
Tiffany: Nonono, Up shoulder up shoulder
Shindong: That's right, your shoulder is exposed, it's not long sleeve
Sooyoung: ahahahah~ Up shoulder nono~
Shindong: Ah what do we do now… It was a practice question! *Ding* This was a 3 mark question, we’re so sorry
Sooyoung: Please acknowledge this…
Taeyeon: What a pity~
Tiffany: What a pity~

Q2. (Mr Taxi plays)
Shindong: The song playing now is the 12th track – Mr Taxi, it’s the Korean version.
(The song plays)

Shindong: This is the important part. In the line ‘Mr Taxi taxi taxi, jigeum jeuksi jeuksi jeuksi’ (English: Now, at once at once at once), how many times did ‘Jeuksi’, not Taxi, appear in the song?
Taeyeon: In one part?
Shindong: No, in the entire song, altogether
Taeyeon: Altogether!? (Started making weird gestures and expression)
(@imwhywhy says: Members started counting, and we can tell Sica wasn’t thinking)
Tiffany: Tiffany! 36 times?
Shindong: 36 times.. is wrong!
Sooyoung: Sooyoungie! 6 times.
Shindong: Just 6 times?
Members: “NO!” “What are you doing?!” “What are you talking about?!”
Shindong: Sooyoung ssi.. is wrong!
Taeyeon: Taeyeon taeyeon~
Shindong: Tiffany is faster.
Tiffany: 27 times
Taeyeon: Taeyeon taeyeon~
Shindong: Wait a moment, did Tiffany say 27 times? 27 times is the right answer!
Tiffany: It’s simple, ‘Jeuksi jeuksi jeuksi’, each chorus has 3 times, total 9. 9 times 3…
Shindong: Tiffany gets 5 marks for this question

Q3. (Oscar plays)

Shindong: The song playing now is the 9th track in the album, Oscar. When we talk about Oscar, we think of a person – Yoon Sang-hyun ssi in Secret Garden, as a charming musician. Do you all like Yoon Sang-hyun ssi?

Members: Yes!
Shindong: How many siblings does Yoon Sang-hyun ssi have in real life?
Taeyeon: Taeyeon! The only son.
Shindong: The only son… is wrong!
Sooyoung: Sooyoung! 1 male and 1 female!
Shindong: 1 male and 1 female… is wrong!
Tiffany: Tiffany! 2 male and 1 female
Shindong: 2 male and 1 female… is wrong!
Seohyun: Seohyun! 1 male and 2 female? …. Not that..?
Shindong: That’s right! Seohyun gets 9 marks for this question! Seohyun is the winner for this round. Congratulations~ This is such a perfect quiz.
Sooyoung: It’s ridiculous~ Yoon Sang-hyun ssi’s sibling relationship is not related to SNSD album! The name ‘How well do you know soshi album’ doesn’t fit to the question, it’s contradictory!!
Yuri: Anything can happen~
Shindong: Thank you Yuri ssi…


Trans: @imwhywhy

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