[Trans] 111002 Shimshimtapa with SNSD Full Translation Part 1:

(**Read this first: I’ve translated whatever I think is relevant. It doesn’t contain the full conversation so it can’t be made into subtitles, but most lines, especially important ones are translated. You can also choose to watch the video while referring to this; most people should be able to follow. )

[From 18:00]

Shindong: Why did you only came back after so long, we are curious.

Tiffany: In fact we came back a little later than the scheduled date. We intended to give everyone a better surprise so we came back a little late. We did a worldwide release. So even though we came back late, we hope that everyone will share happiness with us.

Shindong: Why are you so serious suddenly?

Tiffany: Because we feel sorry for the fans... We released teaser one by one but suddenly, when we were told that it was delayed and pushed to 2 weeks later, members were like, "How? What to do now?", we were anxious.. (To audience) We're sorry, but we're here now.


Trans: @imwhywhy

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