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29th Oct 2011 from Twitlonger

PLEASE READ THIS: I have had some time to think about this and its what Dark/Snack would of wanted and i feel i owe it to him and everyone who knew who he is to let people know what really happened the day he died so a lesson could be learned from it. IT WAS NOT SUICIDE! it was a sexual fantasy and a breathplay experiment that he did while we were out and went horribly wrong and resulted in what happened. PLEASE if you are into breath control fantasies or have any kind of snuff fantasies or fetishes or whatever, remember what happened to him and think twice about what you do and for the love of Dark please just never try anything like that on your own. I just hope i have done the right thing in saying this, but he didn't agree with suicide and always thought it was selfish and wouldn't want people to think that is what happened. if this message can save just one life though then its worth it. I hope you all can be respectful of these circumstances.
I Love you Dark xxxx #farewellsnackraccoon

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