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27th Oct 2011 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] Starting from YooChun's tweet where he asks himself whether he should go on a blind date...

YC: I want to make a girl of mine…. Should I go on a blind date??
JJ to YC: I'll introduce a girl to you^^ Someone you can break up with right after one week
YC to JJ: Hmm~~~ I'd have to see first to know that^_^ Do introduce one to me~~~
JJ to YC: If it's you you may be able to break up within just two hours..ㅋ
JJ to YC: Her name is Snowman.

*cue JunSu*
JS to YC: What sort of matchmaking are you going for?
YC to JJ: But there's a difference right??ㅎㅎㅎㅎ You're right... How could there be a girl who would like me
-and in response to JS's tweet to YC- JJ to JS: Che
YC to JS: You just didn't want to eat dinner with us huh... While saying you didn't feel like eating, you went to eat on your own?????
JS to YC: ㅋㅋㅋ
JS to JJ: ㅋㅋㅋ

And Jae emos because of Su... :P
JJ: Gasp.. He even said "What should I choose?".. Daebak.. He didn't want to come with us to eat.. (T_T)

Su attempts to explain... xD
JS to YC: ㅋㅋ Nah I came out just to shop at first.. But I was too hungry.. The smell floated to me and I was drawn in by it.... (sobs)ㅜ

We hope Su won't get lost in Spain. :))
JS: Does anyone know what building this is?? There are seriously a lot of people in front of it huh... Is it a famous building?

JS to JJ: Nah there were too many restaurants along the streetㅠ They kept on calling out to me.... ㅋ
JJ to JS: What is this even.. "Smell".. Che! Dae-to-the-Bak

JS to YC: What is Jangtipus.....
YC to JS: Junsu-yah~ You mixed up the cheekbones and ankle bone positions~

Jae tweeted himself, lol. It happens to him too! ^_^v
JJ to JS: @mjjeje Junsu-yah your ribs and Achilles tendon switched positions..
JJ to JS: Come back home quickly~

JS to JJ: I reached the hotel~ I need to shower
YC to JS & JJ: Junsu-yah~ Sleep well Jaejoong-hyung enjoy your stroll and come back~ I'm alone in the room with beer..

YC: Kya~~ So there was whisky too....

[Don't think we got all of the tweets listed... x_x]

Translation credits: NYAH_NYAH_ and AllRiseXiahtic (for most of it; thank you! <3)

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