[Trans] 111027 Chin Chin Convo - Question to Seohyun(full):

IF Seohyun was a man, which member will she be unable to date with?

Sunny: No matter who she is, better not be someone who's here now.

DJ: Let me give some hint, it's one of you here
Hyoyeon: I think it's me

Sica: I think it's me, because I'm so too different from Seohyun, so things that Seohyun won't understand... (interupted), if this question is for me, I would have chosen Seohyun too

Hyoyeon: I think it's me, because I bully Seohyun too often. Not the other 8 members, just to her

Sooyoung: But Seohyun really likes you a lot

Hyoyeon: I think this is annoying


Sooyoung: I think it's Hyoyeon too, because I've never seen Hyoyeon being serious, she can't stand serious atmophere

Sunny: But from what I know, She's serious when she's with Seohyun

Sooyoung: (to Hyoyeon) So I'm not close with you, that's why...

DJ: Audiences chose Seohyun (herself), Sooyoung, Sica...

Sunny: Until now, only my name is not mentioned, I think it's me

Sooyoung: It can be Sunny, beause she can't bbo bbo

Hyoyeon: Why?

Sooyoung: Because she's too short

Sunny: Thanks...

DJ: Why do you think is yourself?

Sunny: Because I'm also violent towards Seohyun

Sica: But Seohyun won't keep it to herself

Sooyoung: You won't know if she holds something against you, wanting to hit you..

Seohyun: No!!

Sunny: Doesn't Seohyun have something like Death note?

Sica: (to mic) Everyone, Seohyun has Death Note, she writes in it every night

Seohyun: The answer is Soonkyu unnie. Because unnie keeps changing her ideal type, if I'm a guy, I will be stressed

Sunny: What kind of guys who met me won't feel anxious? Hahahahaha~ I'm sorry...


Trans: @imwhywhy

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