I love you, you're my diva, my queen, my idol, my inspiration, my adored! I live for you, to love you! I need you to live! I need you to my life, When you come to Brazil? You have a lot of fans here! Your fans of Brazil want you here I want you here! I wanna meet you someday.
You followed me at twitter and I cried! I want your reply, but i need to wait the correct moment! But i can't wait! I wanted that you read this, but probably you never will read this. You have a lot of fans to reply, and I'm just one more fan that you have!
So i just wanna say that you're my diva, my inspiration, my life, my adored, my princess, my everything, my rock star, my VIP, my idol, my favorite star, my favorite actress, my favorite singer, and more! I can't put all that i feel for you here, 'cause will take a long time! . I wanna say what you're: Cute, beautiful, sweet, lovely, amazing, perfect, the best singer ever, wonderful, marvelous, the most beautiful girl, pretty, the most lovely girl, lovely, the most sweet girl, awesome, the most awesome girl.... AND MORE! You means so much to me and to you fans! We love you so much! We're a family, a nation! WE'RE #COSGROVERS! The Family Cosgrove! You're our family! We're crazy for you! Crazy for iCarly! We're so proud of you! I'm so proud to be part of this family, the family #Cosgrove, so proud to be a #Cosgrover! I'm a real #Cosgrover. I'll support and love you for rest of my life, always, forever! I love support you! I can't live without you!
I hope that you're having a greatest day! And I wish that you read this! I'll pray for you read this, this means a lot to me! I'll repeat that you're important for my life, so you read this i'll cry!
Thank you Miranda for being born, 'cause if hadn't been born my life would be meaningless!
#UROCK MIRANDA. You're the best for us!
Day: 05/14/93 = THE BEST DAY EVER!
For: @MirandaCosgrove | Miranda Cosgrove| . By: @MirandaCLoucos_ | Ana Clara|
This tribute was made on 10/24/11 .
Kisses from Brazil, ;*

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