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Yes you can buy it cheaper in the health food shops. You need the Calcium, Magnesium supplement tablets 800mg Calcium and 350mg Magnesium, sold for osteorosis.In Latvia these are about 8 Lats for a 30 day supply = about 16 dollars. Ryan is asking 70 dollars for 2 months supply they tell me so that is 35dollars for a month, about twice Latvia.
The Ryan expensive tablets: he put that price on because his marketing people said that was the optimum price for profit. The profits go to the CBFCF and 50% of that will come to Green Audit for research equipment and further research, the other 50% is to be for Ryan to arrange evacuation advice and grants to the children and the parents.,Thaty is a n agreement he made with me at the beginning of all this.
But note the health food shop tablets usually also have Vitamin D which should not be given to young children as it may affect bone growth in too high an amount.

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