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From: Dr Chris Busby <christo@greenaudit.org>
Subject: Re: Japan Office of Green Audit
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Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 07:38:17 +0900

Dear Masahiro Hotta,
The bank account details are correct.
James Ryan asked me for them so that any donations to help with the research could come directly to me.
He was concerned that others were asking for donations to help my research and to pay for analysis but with a different account so that there was no way of knowing if any donations were being passed on to my organisation.
We are hoping to get some more radiation measuring equipment. At the moment we are slowed down as we only have one gamma spectrometer and it taked several hours to make one measurement. This woukld bring the price of measurement down quickly.You need independent measurements of Caesium in food and soil and other samples urgently. The authorities are not telling the truth about the contamination. We are also working on the supplements.
I did not know about the Green Audit Office thing, but assume that there has to be a contact place in Japan before the lab is set up, so I guess James Ryan has given his address. So long as no one does anything wrong, I dont mind that.
Thank you for contacting me.
Chris Busby

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