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[Trans] 111021 In Heaven Sign Event fan acct #4~#5


Fans: (Yoochun's) flaw!! flaw!!
Junsu: Hmm?? Yoochun? He doesn't have a flaw
Fans: Ohhhh~~Ehhhh~~~
Junsu: Ah, really! Really! He's handsome~ He sings well~ He writes songs~ He's good at sports~ (fans were all like ohhh!!!)
Ahh there's something he couldn't change! His forehead?

Fans all laughing

Junsu: His forehead isn't wrong, it's upgrading..I think that's a good part, cuz years of experience is shown(i guess he means YC's forhead has imnproved over time)

Now Yoochun's turn (Questions was: What changed, or is the same about each other since they were young)

Yoochun: Ah, yes, first of all I really like my forehead.
In Junsu's case as he lived as an entertainer he made..
Not just as an entertainer, he made a lot of his own methods
If not, accidents happen...Junsu bulit it up well
Fans: (didn't understand) Eh??What?
Yoochun: Ah (when there is a problem) methods to solve those kinds of problems..I mean, he made a lot of methods to enjoy
Sometimes I envy him for that..Hmm..I can't join him..ah, he keeps inviting me when he plays soccer..

Junsu: (abruptly) I always call him, you know? but he doesn't comeㅠㅠ
Yoochun: If there's only Junsu, I would have gone, but there are a lot of other stars..anyway, I feel uncomfortable
Junsu: If Yoochun promises to come I won't call other stars (his expression was serious)
Yoochun: To be honest, I mean there are a lot of fans watching too
Junsu: Ah~ ok, ok we have practice games and private games. You can join us then
Yoochun didn't answer and just laughed
Junsu: (leering at Yoochun slightly) Look, he doesn't come because he doesn't want toㅠㅠ
Ah, Yoochun likes sports but I think it's the pressure..that he might not play well
Yoochun: I'm really not confident with soccer..I like baseball or basketball
Junsu: Then Yoochun-ssi you make a basketball team. He plays basketball well You can invite me then
Yoochun: Hmm...I...will work hard with what I have right now

He avoided Junsu's suggestion till the end lol

And for last,

Interpark Question: Could you each please say a line? (from a drama, musical, etc)

Yoochun: Uh, Junsu's most impressive line was what he said when..Junsu caught that Tiger..!! and left (the line Junsu did during the last perf of TOH: He said Yoochun-ah! to the tiger puppet)

The fans wanted a line from SOW
Fans shouted butt!!!!!!but!!!!!
In the end Xiah Junsu...lol......

Junsu: What do you like about me?
Yoochun laughing
Yoochun:..your lips?
Junsu: The lines changed many times..there was lips, and other things originally..
Fans: Butts!!
Junsu: My butt that hangs so high up?
Fans: I heard it's your adlib!
Junsu: huh? ah... my nice features..


↑The second player on this page is the part I just translated above:)

Junsu: Now you do Ripley (mine is over)
Yoocun: Excuse me, I'm sorry... (fans in the front row: Penzal!!!) Puhaha Penzal??
When we were recording I didn't want to do it but the advertisor wanted it..
Junsu: Wasn't it funny? Honestly I thought it was funny too lol If it was intended to be funnly lol

Fans: Do it please!!!!!!
Yoochun: Ah, how did I do it?
Fans: Don't be sick~~!! Babo~~!!
Yoochun: I'll do it looking back then lol
Don't be sick....babo...why did you bear it..

(the third player on the page I gave you above is Yoochun's part!)

Yoochun: There are rumors but you have to take Penzal only when you're sick~
Staff: Now..It's time to finish up....
Fans: Ahhh~~~~~~


I could feel their last ment was sincere
Their sentences might be awkard and wierd but since it's because they talked slowly, thinking deeply, I ask you to understand
Anyway, their last ment to the fans

Yoochun: Fans support us and back us up.. Now we're expressing our thoughts to fans through words...what we can really express is...hmm..to be honest...
There are not many people who trust us when we say we'll work hard~ we'll be successful in words and I think many people just doesn't take it serious
It's literally just words included in our everyday lives..
The best we can do to return the support you give to us is through JYJ or personal schedules..
Now we have our own studio and we made our practice room this time..
I think each one of those steps is a way to repay...
We are working hard so I hope you look with favor on that
Thank you
(It seemed Yoochun thinks showing their gratitude through stages and behaviors is a way to repay the fans' supports than just saying thank you, thank you)

Junsu: It's...one of the parts I think about the most (his mind, heart about the fans)
And is also a part that was brought up naturally during the interview a short time ago
It's hard in many way..to be honest it's so hard and difficult from time to time
However, saying something like this...it makes me feel ashamed as I get older
And I try not to say these kind of things, because it could sound pretentious.
We want to show conviction without words
I thought being active, working hard proudly would be the best answer...

I'm afraid if we say stale words or talk those things(their difficulties), people might pity us..
We don't like that(people pitying them and thinking they're miserable) Even if it's sincere, we don't want our efforts to be covered up by that parts

Anyway I think it's a strength that makes us carry on (talking about fans)
A strength that helps us not to give up... We always say...it is a miracle....that we could come this far
And as you all know, there must be some complains about our company..

(fans laughed here..sorry C-jes..)

There could be compliants, but I want you to understand this.

There are many differences between other teams or singers, entertainers and us.
When we decide something and push ahead with it.. when other people choose their weapons from 10 different swords,
we have to choose from two or three. We have fewer choices..

(Junsu.......ㅠ...I'll try to understand from now....I know why people call you Interview Minam-which means 'handsome guy' in korean)

Our old company was huge. Even though there were many things prepared and they had a lot of know-hows, we had complaints..
You had complaints back then too.. I think it's natural you have complaints now.. but the situation is different now..
So I hope you understand a part of that..
Of course we will work hard not to make complaints.
We'll work hard....
It's a hard part to satisfy everyone, but it's our duty to work on that, so we'll work hard..
And I think you are the ones who make us think to go on and give us trust...
Thank you

(He kept saying they'll work hard..ㅠㅠ it was touching)
Fans clapping

Junsu: I had a nice time today. We talk a lot since Jaejoong is not here (he didn't say 'hyung' just Jaejoong)
Fans: Jaejoong??? (cuz Junsu didn't say 'hyung')
Junsu: Jaejoong~Hyung~~! Hmm my throat is dry cuz I talked a lot..
Thank you everyone for today~ Go back home safely~ Thank you!!

Thank you for 봉추 who wrote the original fan acct in DC TVXQ Gall:)



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