@Shinalor @EVE_Rhavas I was in the Uni. I critiqued the ILN structure, Silentbrick being a no-show admiral, and uselessness and hypocrisy of Covert Ops Certification (all in the blog, written while I was a Unista.) I also wrote quite nice spotlights on various Unistas as well. Anyhow, I was asked to leave because of the critiques. I did. I thot it was bullshit tho. Now I hassle them publicly. I just play on Kelduum's relationship with CCP strongly (nobody in this game likes the idea of favouritism.) Or I take what other Uni's accidentally say and make it into something larger. I connect dots. What I write is true at the basic level (for instance, Kelduum sending a list of items that could help the Uni to CCP, such as the suggestion of adding E-UNI to the CONCORD faction ... true stuff), and then magnify it tenfold. Just generally working to trash their rep. It's not a fast process, but I see a few more negative responses to them with each thread. Hell, even Jester's Trek mentioned Uni as reason for WarDec changes in recent blog. The message is getting out there. I'm actually hoping Kelduum runs for CSM7 ... that will be fun times. I have some fun posters in mind for that. "Kelduum Revaan - The Medals Interface Candidate." Considering he already has CSM's ear, he probably has no need to run for the CSM.

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