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Hello Friends. This is a story of a boy who got entangled in the web of a spider called HollyWood. This boy was talented. Talented to the verge of being eerily impossible. He was the 7th child in a siblings group of nine. Born into a family of African Americans, that boy faced poverty and a hard life but he also faced something else; a man called Joseph.

Joseph was this boy's father and he named the little boy Michael. Joseph was cold and distant from his family but he was also ambitious and that ambition made him cruel as well. Joseph wanted to have money, lots and lots of money. He wanted to be big and important. But how? He was not educated enough, hardworking enough, intelligent enough or talented enough. The only credit he had was that he somehow fathered 7 boys, one of whom died as a baby.

So this ambition and lack of talent made joseph angry, hostile and bitter towards people, especially his wife and his children.

However, when through some miracle the boys became singers and joseph becoming their manager introduced them into the commercial world of music, with some miracle the group of these young black Americans became famous.

But was it a miracle? Maybe the miracle was that child whom Joseph called Michael. This boy was a born singer. Joseph saw that and like a hawk he picked Michael up to be the lead singer and the money bag of the family. He worked hard on Michael. He would taunt him, scold him, beat him and work him to his bones to make him sing better.After all, Joseph could not be careless with the family's bright future.

The boy named Michael grew up to be a famous wealthy singer. A happy ending to the story. But then maybe this happy ending is more twisted and turned then realized by many.

Did Joseph groom Michael? Ofcourse not. Joseph is not groomed himself todate. There were good people who did this wonderful job of shaping the young singer. They were industry veterans who loved this boy and his talent. The boy became more and more famous as a young man. He was now in the eyes of those who run the industry. Those who live in the shadows.

They saw how sad and bitter this young man was. They saw he had no refuge from the cold hearted father and brothers who saw him as a dutiful trained monkey to work for the collective betterment of the family. They saw that young man was frustrated, lonely and felt misplaced in the society. They saw he lacked self esteem, self confidence and happiness in his life. And so the bigger hawks swooped in and cluthcing him in their claws took him under their strong, powerful wings. Because they saw the huge talent of the young man and the immense potential, as well as how miserable he was and desperate to get away from joseph.

They told him, 'if you would listen to us, you will have fame, fortune and freedom from that man but the only condition would be for you to listen to us. 'Listen to us and you'll be free'. The young, desperate man, who was famous and talented felt it would be a good opportunity to get away from Joseph. Not really reading into what was really wanted of him, he agreed.

But he did not know that it would not be freedom. That he was made a prisoner of the shadows. That Joseph knew all about this and that he was signing on the contract of spiritual and mental enslavement and not on a freedom guarantee.

Michael's exceptional talent made him favorite with the bosses and the masters. They did not need to work on his art but they needed to work on his image. He was a simple, rather kind hearted, sensitive young man;a boy next door.

They knew this was not good. What would be good is to turn this normal boy into a spectacluar creation of HollyWood, the likes of which never seen before. They wanted him to attract audience through a certain image, unisex in essence, with no defined lines of race, religion or nationality. They wanted him to project to the world that to to be famous you cannot be normal. To be famous, you have to be something that never existed before. They knew the spectacular talent of the young man would help sell the image too. They saw how perfect he was as a showman and so they decided 'stamp him with our message to reach every house, every nook and corner of the world.' They wanted him to convey to the people that strange sells, quirky is admired and men in cosmetics are okay.

They understood young boys might not be able to copy his talent but they can copy his looks. He was trained to have a unisexual appeal in his mannerism. To look neither a man nor a woman. To remain decked in this costume on and off stage. A mask, a deception singing out songs like thriller and Billie jeans with no message, no direction and no impact of worth on the young minds listening to him. They wanted him to keep singing songs that would entertain but not educate. Pure entertainment in the name of entertainment.

Now one thing the shadows overlooked. The real psyche of that young famous singer. They failed to see that he was not someone who could be put in a cage. He never allowed his father to do that and he was not ready to allow them to do that. They failed to see that he was very confident of his talent and his frustrations left him on the stage. They aslo failed to realize that he was gaining a popularity level that was never seen before and a fanfollowing that loved him and he loved them. Thay were so blind to this obviousness, engrossed in their schemes that they overlooked all this. They overlooked the strong mind of the young man and the strength of his talent taking him to heights they were not prepared to take him to.

They wanted him to be a slave, not some powerful entity on his own. They could never allow this power to their trained monkeys. But this happened. The singer got powerful and and very hard to be commanded around.

The first time they realized their folly was when Michael started to express his deep dissatisfaction with the creative content. He wanted songs with social and moral messages. He wanted to be a guiding light to all the young people idealizing him. He wanted to use his fame and the stage to reach to millions, with messages of humanity, love, dignity and friendship. He wanted to use his name to help those who needed help. To make the world realize that if we all unite we could fight prejudices, injustices and indifference.

He knew that songs could help reach these messages to millions out there, to see how far we can go as a human race. He wanted those promoting him to help him do this. To help him do something good for all those who had no voice, no support and who were suffering in silence and in misery. He wanted his art to be worthy and not a jargon of aimless, meaningless sounds and actions. He wanted to be the voice of all those who the world powers were not listening to or maybe did not want to listen. He wanted the people of the world to unite and work for the purpose of greater betterment through shared resources, political freedom and world justice.And most of all he wanted to set a good example to the younger generation; to him children were the hope of the world.

Michael had faith that his art, his voice and his actions would carry this message to the corners of the world. He was aware of the extent of his fame, he was aware of the love people had for him and he was aware they needed him more than just singing empty songs and dancing on the stage.

But he was not allowed to indulge in this madness. He was stepping out of the confines of his set jurisdiction. He was not a leader. He was only a tool, a trained monkey. He was gaining too much influence and this power was making him rebellious. Afterall, he was just a figment of their imagination. A pale skinned black man with a good voice and dancing skills. How dare he, was the reaction of his bosses.

They called him and asked what he really wanted. What would it be, more money? more fame? They questioned his motives. He was not complying to their demands anymore. He was not ready to look like that clown with layers of make up on all the time. He wanted to dress simply off stage. He wanted to be an example to kids. He was happy with his name but wanted to modify his image and his art. He wanted to entertain but educate as well. He wanted to be perfection but not on stage only. He was okay with wearing makeup to give expression to his different moods and feelings but not to look like a chalk faced clown. He was preparing songs with slogans of humanity and justice now. To them, their freak was completely out of control.

Then came the song THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US'. THIS WAS SOMETHING DONE WITH TOTAL INDEPENDENCE OF CREATIVE FREEDOM. His masters were astounded. They threatened him with grave consequences if he did not fall back into line. They told him if they would reject him, the whole world would reject him. That without them, he was nothing but a confused little black man with white skin. They said they would make an example out of him. And he stood there, listening to those words and deciding in his heart; its time for war.

By now, he was huge. He had built for himself a fortune to help him gain creative independence. He had fame that was basically love his fans had for him and he understood this love. They loved him because he was sincere; with them, with himself and with his mission. This disturbed the status quo and perturbed the shadows who were not ready for a popstar to fight back like that. He was fighting back. He was not their product and they did not own him. As for Joe, he know stood far away looking at the Man he once controlled making him dance to his tunes, with as much displeasure and hatred as the shadow masters had for him.

Michael changed his appearance. He made it more real. He wore makeup and costumes but made them more manly and appreciable than before. He realized that as an entertainer he needed to have a certain interesting image, but he wanted that image more on stage than off stage. In normal life he started to wear more normal clothes and became more manly in his looks. The make up was toned down to a certain acceptable level and people appreciated that change and his fame grew even more. His fame was not a byproduct of some secret cult, it was an independent powerful entity of it s own.

He started his charity work more openly now, he created Neverland just for children, he sang songs for the spread of the message of humanity and he refrained from an immoral lifestyle to set an example for those who needed a good example in life for success and existence.

But then the shadows attacked. They attacked the self indulgent, power-freak popstar to teach him a lesson and not only to him but to all those who had any intention of following in his footsteps. They came up with a sinister plan. They knew children were the focal point of all his efforts and so they struck at that and struck real hard. They thought this would make him crawl back to them pleading for their pardon. Then everything would be back to normal. They through their powerful machinery would reinstate him back to his position of a good singer and well; he will make money and they will keep on broadcasting their twisted message.

But Michael Jackson cannot be controlled by anyone. He fought back and is still fighting with greater success now. Now he has made international friends who look after his well being and share his philosophy with him. These friends are powerful, weathy and willing. Willing to help their friend till the end.

Warning: Those who are allergic to mjviva should not read this. It may cause stomach aches. In that case please consult the doctor.
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