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The definition of the illuminates is known by most of you. So we will get right to the point. Most of you also know that presence of these enlightened elements is common in HollyWood. HollyWood is not as diverse and individualized as believed by many. In fact, only a handful of people control it through money and resources, pooled and shared to maintain dominance on this woderful world of HollyWood.

The reason that these people chose this entertainment world as their playground is simple and known by many; the messages and the visuals projecting their philosophy reaches millions and millions all over the world in the most effective and the most unobtrusive manner, in the name of art and creativity.

The Artists are chosen not only on the basis of talent but also on the basis of their specified backgrounds. The story of the one who rose from dust and reached the sky through this entertainment world is one of the most recognized and most celebrated tale of all.

Two types of people are prominent in this system
1: Those who belong to this industry already one way or the other and are familiar with what lay in their way.
2: Those who belong to the world of disparity and hardship whether economic,emotional or based on family dynamics.

However, one thing is the focal point, the chosen person must be talented somehow even if not great in their talent. The idea is that even a little talent can go a long way if properly aided and presented to the world. We have many examples to look at, at the moment.

The more important thing for the HW masters is that the chosen one should be willing; willing enough to do their bidding. Sounds easy, maybe not.

The bidding could be anything from projecting a media image that is unnatural yet entertaining, to living a personal life that would enhance that screen image and therefore making the spread of the message allotted to that artist, more media exposed and publicly accepted. A no-risk strategy for the masters.

Who are these masters? one can ask. Are they the producers, directors, performers? If you think this, then it is not even near the truth. These people are just the face of HollyWood. The glamourous, pretty face of this industry.

The real masters are in the shadows. They are immensely powerful, having political and economic control of nations and earth resources. They are the ones who might not even have the time to watch a movie but their agents are every where, monitoring everything to the minutest of detail.

These masters have clannish tendencies.They appear different and seperate on the surface but are infact united in their aim of keeping the peoples in their clutches, and in turn making sure that the group would always remain in power, always intact and always in posession of the word resources.

These resources become a weapon to monopolize and dictate terms to nations and leaders. These natural resources are then loaned or lent according to the prioritization of this ruling elite on the basis of shared aspirations and ambitions;to remain the masters of the world, ruling over the weak willed, disunited herd of humans ever struggling to make ends meet, always entrapped in the effort to snatch and steal the apparent scanty resources; as nations or individuals.

HollyWood is their most powerful trap. It's designed to fulfill the illuminates goal, attacking the psyche of ambition and desire in human race. Sex, money, power and moral freedom is the baseline of every script, directed at addressing the element of greed, lust, obsession and fear in human nature.

Holly wood is more international than considered. Based in USA, it is one of the most democratic forum, representing this group from every corner of the world with a united slogan, CONTROL THEIR MINDS AND YOU WILL RULE THE WORLD AS A UNITED GROUP, THROUGH A SLAVE POPULATION.

However, the creative process is not maligned by brash, unintelligent presentation of messages. It is done with subliminal messages projected through scenes, dialogues and environment.

All that is unnatural and immoral can be seen as the most celebrated, exciting way of life having not only social acceptance but praise as well, or it can be projected through a 'I give a damn' attitude which you can easily witness in movies and music videos.
A good example can be seen as the use of abusive language so common and even expected on twitter and facebook and the trend could be traced to the use of such infirmities in both music videos, movies as well as televised programmes.

The aim of this group, the faceless, nameless illuminates or the enlightened ones is simple. They want to rule the world by making the masses addicted to an unnatural way of life. A society mad for material consumption, mortgaged lifestyles, teenage pregnancies, free sex with a no strings attatched ruling, addiction and drug abuse, rapes and molestation, prostitution of women and children, hatred and suspicion of other nations and religions and open and acceptable disobedience of parents who would end up in some old peoples home waiting for a lonely death.

By making the common man a slave of all this that despite being destructive, has social acceptence more or less. This group makes them weak by economic entrapment through credit cards and mortgages, emotionally disturbed through relationships based on sexual attractiona and sex and not mental or emotional bonding.

They want people to suffer lonliness and depression through broken relations and broken homes, seeking refuge in drugs, drinking, prostitution houses and shopping; to numb the nerves and pacify the heart. Slowly cutting themselves from reality, escaping into this world of entertainment where the lighted screen has new traps and pits to offer, custom-made for them to fall into.

It is not a narration of some known trends only. If you will look at the actors and singers life styles, and the creative pieces being projected on big and small screen, you will find all these trends prescribed as a norm of modern life, necessary for modern existence.

HollyWood through its art and creativity, through its performers and through its projected philosophies offer to the world an unnatural, artificial life enslaving hearts and minds to material consumption and spiritual corruption;a modern slave is born.

These modern day slaves are used as a self initiated advertisement of the illuminates agenda and philosophy. These self proclaimed, HW brainwashed slaves are a breeding ground of phobias, suspicions, broken hearts and mortgages. These humans through tools of media assassination, become so weak and vulnerable that it is easy to mold them into desired shape of a soulless, spineless human beings and eventually a whole race of slaves.

Now where does Michael Jackson fit in this puzzle and what part he played will be in the next post.

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