I hope the "rent-a-pundits" on TV were listening to this week's lab results that prove there was no Demerol in Michael's body when he died. Finally, the truth comes out to nail the speculative bullshit that has filled air-time by people who prefer to fill in the blanks rather than stick to facts from court: that there is NO evidence of what my brother was 'under' at the time of Murray's audio recording; there is NO evidence that Michael was "addicted" to Propofol as some, like Dr Drew, have guessed; there is NO evidence that Michael's insomnia was linked to Demerol usage (a defense theory).
I have grown tired of the assumptions attached to the audio recording of Michael - the 2+2=5=slurred speech=addict argument that follows some kind of ESPN-style analysis that is not only a travesty to the truth but to the memory of a man who is not here to speak up for himself. This week, the EXPERT evidence shuts up those pundits, ex-friends and attorneys who have seemed determined to paint Michael out to be something he was not in the years before his death.
I'll say it again: events in 1993 and 2001/02 have nothing to do with my brother's death in 2009. Michael was not an addict. He was an insomniac desperate for sleep. We endure this evidence because we want answers -- and this vindication from the lab results is one of those irrefutable answers.

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