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6th Oct 2011 from Twitlonger

Does Michael Jackson have vitiligo?

Dear Friends, Michael Jackson is an African- American and the whole world knows this. He has never been taken as anything other than a proud black man.

Michael Jackson is not ashamed to be black just as he is not ashamed to be an entertainer. He is a man who got to understand his heritage and values as an African- American through his mother Katherine Jackson

Katherine never indulges in pretensions and lies and so taught Michael to be authentic in his existence as well.

Whatever pretensions and lies Michael used in his life, were forced statements ordered by the music moguls who controlled and marketed him.

For them, honesty was a disease best avoided and advised prevention against it. So during his career,
Michael had to make many statements against his will and under instructions not to mar his image in any way.

Michael Jackson never had vitiligo. He used medicines to make his skin lighter and a prolonged yet controlled treatment changed his skin color from black to very pale.

In reality, Michael Jackson became the first self-induced Black white man. The reason was pure professional and had nothing to do with hating his race or his not wanting to be a Black.

The music executives considered Michael Jackson's talent to be above race, religion and borders. They wanted an image that would blur any such identity boxing Michael in any rigid definition.

They wanted the world audience to relate to him without any prejudice or limitations extended towards his talent and music. They wanted a black man to be the ruler of the music kingdom.

So the lightening of the complexion was introduced and enhanced through continuous use of drugs to make the skin lighter and to keep it that way.

The intention was never to pretend that he was not a black man as media reported, but the intention was purely to introduce Michael Jackson as a man of all nationalities, races and complexions.

Infact, his being a black American was more marketed and projected than ever. He was a black man with an identity that was international.He was the mirror in which every one could see their reflection,from every corner of the globe.

However, vitiligo, Lupus or skin condition were terms used to pacify an audience angered by the media projected concept,that Michael Jackson disliked being a black man; an absolute and complete fabrication of the truth.

Michael accepts his identity as readily as he accepts his fame and fortune which he achieved with his original, authentic skin color BLACK.

Those friends who say Michael had Lupus or Vitiligo are just saying that out of pure love for him. They feel that this is a truth if spoken out so bluntly,
would hurt the so very hard earned image of the star.

However, truth prevails and Michael always advocated
truth and still does. So for him, it is time to be truthful with all those who love him unconditionally.
Michael Jackson is not ready to hide from you all anymore;Literally.

The details of this will be given out in the book he intends to publish,after coming out in the public once again.
Thanking You, MJ aka mjviva

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