We gotta theory.
You see Mike, we got a theory.
About matter, and particles.
(That's right, that's right.)

From Geneva to Italy, you gotta be kiddin' me.
Violatin' symmetry of special relativity.
Muon neutrinos, movin' faster than light.
Superluminal time of flight.

Yo, OPERA punks, you best check your selves.
Before you go and cause me to wreck your selves.
Examine equipment for systemic errors.
Just a figment? I'mma bring you terrors!

If results pan out, its up to the theorists.
Tachyons: ruled out, masses don't fit this.
Extra dimensions may provide short cuts.
Or maybe flavor cause them to just go nuts.

If we want a satisfying explanation.
We better have some fuckin' reservation.
A correct theory has to fit the data.
Miss observations you be mad like a hatta.

There was a supernova back in 87.
Where light and nu came down from heaven.
So keep this in mind when you reconcile.
Another try at Fermilab would be worthwhile.

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