Daily Summary - PLEASE READ - Here's everything I learned today about the mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge: #occupywallstreet

- As of 8:45 PM no police stations will give information about where the people arrested are being held. I was told most are in Brooklyn.

- The proper NYPD # to call/ask about today's arrests is 646-610-6700

- I was told by the officer who answered the phone that people were arrested after "they were issued a warning not to go on the vehicular roadway." He said he was watching it on LiveStream from his office and heard the police on the bridge issue this warning.

- The same officer told me he didn't know of anyone who was arrested on the pedestrian walkway, even though I've heard first-hand accounts (from people on the bridge) that they saw people on the pedestrian walkway being arrested.

Please update everyone if you learn more!

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