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Hello friends. Here's another good story for you. The story of a man kidnapped & made into a slave of music.
The byline Michael Jackson; is alive but now he is kept as a slave churning out music at the command of his captors. Interesting?

But maybe MzJ was a slave before & fled with the help of some kind yet highly influential very powerful friends to escape this slavery he had been subjugated to for so many years. He was picked up and sent to a place of serenity & peace to spend time doing what he loves best, creating music.

He was kept a prisoner for so long & he never dared flee as he loved his captors very much. He felt that he was doing what he ought to & so remained a slave with happiness & inner acceptance.

He remained busy becoming more & more wanted & thus a very famous slave indeed. Yet he felt very lonely & an outsider with his captors.They told him that they love him but he could never feel that love & he kept on searching.

He looked into their eyes & hanged on to their words. Not finding what he looked for he kept on churning out music yet feeling his creativity & music dying within him because of a lack of something. Something was missing but what & how he would find it?

He moved about with less & less of life within him;
eventually a zombie but nobody seemed to notice. He knew he was invincible but was he alive, at all?

He had enemies & he was open about them. He could discuss about them & refer to them often but that was the outer circle of enemies supported by an inner circle of enemies which he could not even discuss. He could not tell anyone who they were.Even he was not sure of his suspicions about them.

They were always there. They always surrounded him. They were happy that this zombie had no notion of what is happening to him.They talked to him with smiles on their lips & sarcasm in their eyes. And they were right. He did not know he was sold off. He was after all a zombie by now.

The outside circle of enemies trapped him with the help of the inner circle again & he duelled with them & won; a winner too exhausted to celebrate. A brother aided him in leaving the zombie cage & he fled to a foreign land not knowing what to do as a free man, used to bonded labor.

There his friends helped him, recognizing that the zombie needed time to have his life back. In their effort to help the pitiful zombie, they aided in finding about that inner circle & they presented him with a painting of the Last Supper, painted year 2003.

The zombie now becoming more alive was petrified & disillusioned. Why would they do that? He thought but knew he already had the answer.

If you sleep in a chamber of your house well secured & a theif enters silently; you can be sure that someone let him in, from the inside.

Life is a movie & moon walking in it helps you have a made up face. Not a reality but maybe a necessity.

That Zombie came back surrounded by soldiers known & unknown. But he again had to flee as the pirates of his own blood were out to hunt him down again. The circles were intact & inorder to be alive the zombie had to make sure the circles are broken for good.

So the knights in black and knights in white helped him. The battle being fought in silence & in shadow. Now only one score is left to be settled.

The healer accused of giving the bleeding nightingale the zombie drug is still surrounded by foes & the zombie with his knights wait for the verdict of the chief protector of faith & fairpay to have his life back.

The kidnappers are afraid as they already pronounced him dead & now eat off his lifeless body. But the Zombie will not let this festivity continue. Count the days to come(April, June & November) . The dead will become alive & the Thriller will sing again.

Morale of the story:If your daddy tells you to call him by his name; be wary of him.
Love mjviva aka MJ

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