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20th Sep 2011 from Twitlonger

@glynmoody @telecomix @iptegrity #copyright #censorship FYI: "Strange" development in the Centemero Internet-killing draft law.

Some researchers and lawyers kindly informed us that the Centemero draft law is identical, word by word, to Fava draft law of July 14th 2011. Centemero draft law is dated July 27th. MP Fava is a member of "Lega Nord", a party inside the GOI majority.

We would like to stress again that the Centemero draft law is not simply "similar", it is an exact copy of the Fava draft law. This very fact supports legitimate doubts, raised by Brini's analysis too, about authors' true identity.

It is virtually impossible and totally not believable that, in a 2 weeks period, two identical draft laws are proposed by coincidence.

On the contrary, it appears more plausible that MP Centemero and MP Fava have just copied and signed laws that have been written and pushed by somebody else who contacted them both, and that for some "miscalculation" the MPs proceeded at the same time to propose them.

Finally, we can assure that even if (and this is a big if) the laws (Fava, Centemero or both! :-) ) were to be adopted, they can't interfere in any way with AirVPN activities and services.


Analysis of Centemero draft law by Paolo Brini:

Article about Fava draft law by lawyer Guido Scorza (includes link to the text):

A humour article about photocopied draft laws, copyright infringement and exceptions for satyrical purposes by Marco Pierani (institutional relations director for Altroconsumo, leading consumers' defence association in Italy):

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