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17th Sep 2011 from Twitlonger

we have had such a cool time here in sweden
we arrived at the airport at midnight and we were greeted by all yo guys are all jepic and were so sweet and kind and cool etc for waiting all that time you guys waited more than a 11 hours wow oh wow
then we woke up this morning got up extra early and had a shower and then did our hair then went down stairs to talk and hang with all you guys
than we had to go and do loads of interviews for magazine which is cool because yo guys can get them and stick them on your wall...
then we made our way to sound check for our concert which was to night
after that we went to the shopping centre were there was thousands of fans to see us which is like wow....we cant belive we have so many fans here in sweden
then we did a signing and it was cool because we were giving hugs and kisses and signing cds not just any cd our cd
then after that we went to do the concert
the concert was soooooooo crazy so many fans like it was like this is so cool
that all you guys came to support us and rock out and have loads of fun
we loved it .it was so cool and all you guys were standing the whole and thanks for jumping screaming and being so jedicated it was so cooool we had so much fun and want all you guys know that we appriciate all you guys so much and love each and everyone one of you and thanks so much for making our first concert in sweden so coool and thanks 4 just being you we love sweden and we will be back 4 a bigger and cooler tour our Victory Tour in 2012 get ready

peace and love john and edward

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