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14th Sep 2011 from Twitlonger

THE PLAN - This event begins at 11:00AM and ends at 3:00PM

Here is the mapped route for the day:

At 11:00AM on Saturday, September 17th people will gather at Pioneer Courthouse Square - 701 Southwest 6th Avenue in Portland, Oregon 97204.

We will rally in the Square until 12:00PM while telling passersby about our message, waving signs, handing out information, performing simple skits and making a lot of noise. At 12:00PM we will exit Pioneer Square onto SW Broadway heading southwest towards SW Main St. We will turn left onto SW Main St. and march east toward SW 5th Avenue. We will turn left onto SW 5th Avenue and stop at the Bank of America at 1001 Southwest 5th Avenue. We will cluster in front of the building without physically preventing entrance or exit and begin protesting peacefully but powerfully, as thoughtful citizens do.

If we are forced to move, we will loop back around the block by heading north on SW 5th Avenue, turning left onto SW Salmon St., left onto SW 6th Avenue, left onto SW Main St. and left again onto SW 5th Avenue. We will repeat this loop as many times as necessary.

Follow the official twitter account for info the day of -!/USDayofRageOR

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