Opportunists writing about opportunists in #Haiti. AP reporter quoting Louis Gerard Gilles about Aristide "breaking his silence." For the press, Aristide hasn't been silent he just doesn't want to talk to YOU!

Just a little reminder and background re: Gilles:


Whereas the August 4th 2005 press release by the interim representative of Fanmi Lavalas reiterated once more, to whomever would listen, that Fanmi Lavalas will neither participate nor send anyone to participate in the sham elections organized by the February 29, 2004 Coup d'État regime.

1. The Political Organization Fanmi Lavalas denounces and strongly condemns the behavior of Senators Yvon Feuille and Louis-Gerard Gilles, and Congressman Rudy Heriveaux and others who have neither the authority nor the mandate to register the Organization into the next elections. To register Fanmi Lavalas into these sham elections is a demagogic maneuver and will not succeed.

2. The Political Organization Fanmi Lavalas will take the legal and disciplinary measures that are appropriate in this case.

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