@bethrevis: to the tune of 'Perfect Day" of DR.HORRIBLE'S SING ALONG BLOG

So they say Beth Revis became a writer
Literary. She’s changing the YA World (with Sci-Fi)
So they say that it’s real good
So fantastic (She signed this)

So they say you’ll love AtU
We can get her to rising ranks thanks to you (Thanks to me)

It’s the perfect story
So they say, a writer writing the book
Revis’s call to glory
Let’s all be our best (Next up, Where’s Harley?)

So they say she wrote a book
They say she loves the Time Lords
And doesn’t like mayonnaise
We have a problem with her (This is her book)

This is so nice
I just might re-read a sci fi book twice
They say it’s better the second time
They say you get the symbolic stuff (we get the symbollc stuff)

This is perfect for YA, so they say
I guess she’s pretty ok
After years of meh reading
sci-fi have I finally found the real stuff?

(She’s still tweeting with her fans)

There’s no such thing as YA Sci-fi
So they say, not for me anyway
Should I start ignoring mainstream?

Beth: Start ignoring, Take the chance to read new worlds
Jaz: Or is this a new Sci-fi

This is her online receipts
Five Draco posters

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