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9th Sep 2011 from Twitlonger

43 min 45 sec ago - #Libya Al Jazeera's David Poort reported from near Bani Walid that fighters from Libya's National Transitional Council are still amassing in the area of Ban Walid, 150km southest of Tripoli, in a standoff with pro-Gaddafi troops who refuse to surrender.

Supply vehicles with food, ammunition and medical gear were driven towards the frontline on Friday, as the press was kept at a distance for fear of giving away strategic information to Gaddafi’s troops.

Some trucks of the Libyan Red Cross turned back due to “heavy fighting” in the area and ambulances were seen driving high-speed to and from the frontline.

NTC pick-up trucks driving away from the frontline carried at least 10 handcuffed prisoners, among them - allegedly - Ali al-Ayeb, a reputable pro-Gaddafi commander who has been hiding in the Bani Walid area.

A spokesman for the NTC-fighters near the frontline said that NATO jets bombed certain targets in the Bani Walid area in response to rocket fire by pro-Gaddafi forces on Thursday, when at least six Grad missiles exploded near NTC positions.

The NTC has set a Saturday deadline for towns still loyal to Gaddafi to surrender, but Mahmoud Jibril, Libya’s de facto prime minister, warned that its troops would return to the offensive sooner if they continued to come under attack.

An un-known number of hard-line Gaddafi-loyalist fighters are said to be staying in the Bani Walid area. Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son, is said to be among them.


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