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6th Sep 2011 from Twitlonger

Part3: The trial is a hoax. A staged drama more with a symbolic value than anything else. A quest for justice for MJ but if no one killed MJ, what the justice quest is for? Have the Jacksons ever said if the justice seeking was for the alleged involuntary manslaughter or was it for something else?
The trial is staged with roles assigned to everyone, but the quest of justice for MJJ is there for the injustices done to him. So this trial is symbolic in nature than anything else. MJ was killed and buried and justice is needed for him. But does this mean killed physically? The man if alive, then who was killed?
Maybe the entertainer and his worth was killed, his reputation & good conduct was killed. So maybe this trial is an effort to make people realize who was MJ who got killed. Was he a criminal, a mentally ill man & a pervert who died or was it a human being who was a victim, a helpless man who was not able to hold on to anything of value & worth in his life, because he was targeted & established as a criminal of the lowest degree.
Who are they seeking justice for? The man is alive but the name & reputation remains buried under that heap of degradation & accusations. MJ can come back but can that entertainer Michael Jackson have his justice? Can he be back with the people realizing who he really is?
MJ seeks justice not from the court but from the people. The trial might not be in the court of law but in the court of the people. May be the stage is being set but the trial is already going on right now. mjviva aka MJ

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