Rixos Translator lists foreign "journalists" and others who were paid off by Gaddafi to help him win the propaganda war.
In this Libyan freedom war, Gheddafi did not just paid for non Libyan soldiers who fought in the battle front but also paid for some journalists to win the war of media, the hotel Rixos was the basis of these people who were given accommodation, food and transportation or promised of having future commercial deals in case of regime was succeeded to stay in power (super pocket money as well) ...
1-Nahada Zirwati of the Algerian newspaper ALMOSTAKBAL....
2-Ali shondub the correspondent of the Lebanese TV LBC....
3 - Jordan Jesus of the South American network Tele Sur which is financed
by Hugo Chavez (Tele Chavez)...

4-Al Habib Laswad journal of Tunisia Alshorouk.....
5-Mahmud Kampar of Russia Today Arabic ...
6-Omar,the cameraman and the handyman of the Iraqi channel Alrai ,that broadcasts from Damascus.
Other attempts to attract Western media or unknown associations like the British citizens the founders of the Fact Finding Committee with its members:
David Roberts (Delegation Leader)
Dr . Anour Izzadine (Forensic Doctor)
Mrs Nidaa Sabbagh ( Political Writer)
Mr Manzur Sadaq ( Humanitarian Worker/Campaigner)
Mr Baboo Zanghar ( Humanitarian Worker/Campaigner )
Mr Ishmahil Blagrove (Independent Journalist and Filmmaker)
Mr Majed Sabbagh (Humamitarian worker/interpreter)
Mr Richard Mejeh (Independent Filmmaker)
Mr Mohamed Elhaddad (Arabic Society UK)
Mr Martin Longhurst ( Humanitarian Worker/campaigner)
Mr Agab Eldoor Khamis ( Veterinary Surgeon ) WHAT FOR?!!!
Mr Mohielddin Zakaria (Humanitarian worker)
Mr Sukant Chandan (Independent Journalist)
The same committee has also included as well an Italian lady resident in Libya with the strong commercial ties with the regime Tiziana Cammonnazzi and the ex BBC reporter Fulvio Grimaldi.
Guy Sitbon of the left French newspaper la Marianne, was courageous and refused to write what they want and told me personally that he does not have a clue to help the regime because pas de chance pour lui.
The service gratuity has also touched another Frenchman Pierre Bonnard.....? Who introduces himself with his Tunisian colleague Ghazi as simple Business men in Libya just to help the Libyan people!!!(No Merci).

SOURCE: http://fergiani.blogspot.com/2011/08/translating-for-gheddafi_24.html

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