The event was taken place at DRUM LOGOS, Fukuoka at 4pm. I arrived there at around 3:54pm and got in early. The tracks on REMEMBER THE URGE was on loop and the PV was projected from an over head projecter to one of the walls. I was waiting in line and then the announcer came out and thanked us for coming and tells us that they will only be signing the CD jacket and to take it out before hand. Then he asks us to welcome the selected GazettE members to the stage. Everybody started clapping but they didn't come out, the announcer then told us to clap louder (I was so tempted to call out "GAZETTO!!") but I didn't ( ._.)

We clapped louder this time and Ruki and Uruha appeared on stage. There were a lot of "Kyaaaaaaa~~~!" from the audience and I confess that I too shouted out "Kakkoiiiiiii!!!" XD I waited for about 45minutes, whilst waiting I kept on staring at the two men.

Let me just say that they are more beautiful in person and PVs and photoshoots don't give them any justice!!! Their skin is so white and their teeth so straight!!!

Ruki signed the CD jacket first and then Uruha... and since we all know how elaborate Ruki's signature is Uruha spent a lot of the time smiling and clicking his fingers XDD I noticed also that Ruki was chewing gum.

It was nearly my turn, before going on stage I put my "present" to the members in a basket that was provided (I got them a packet of FRISK each XDD Crappy present, huh?) I'm pretty sure I was the only one to give them something, if not, then I was the first to put a "present" in the baskets.

It was my turn to go on stage... I GOT TO SEE RUKI AND URUHA UP CLOSEEEEEEE!!! I said "Konnichiwa" to Ruki to which he replied "Konnichiwa" his voice is aklhgpoihb;abadgi after watching him sign (his fingernails are really nice btw) he handed me the CD jacket and I thanked him. Next, I handed my CD jacket to Uruha as I did he said "Domo" and I "Konnichiwa'ed" him and he "Konnichiwa'ed" back. Uruha is really quick at signing, seriously!! His smile is REALLY nice!!!

Both Uruha's and Ruki's voices are so deep!

It was over before I knew it and I gotta say, it was the BEST HOUR OF MY LIFE (until I go to a GazettE LIVE) I was kinda sad that my bias wasn't there but Ruki's signature is really cool and Uruha is Reita's best friend so I suppose that makes up for it XDD

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