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1st Sep 2011 from Twitlonger

MJJC Summary of the conference call with Global Live Events :

Initially we weren't going to participate due to the very last minute nature of the notification. However Gaz was able to make time from work and participate as representing MJJC. The conference calls were organized like one in every 30 minutes and that was the time that we had. We don't know if there had been multiple participants in any call but in our conference call MJJC was the only one that was talking to Global Live representatives.

We did not get any satisfactory answers to our questions and/or concerns. Majority of the time we didn't even get a response other than a "hmm". So this conference call did not change our opinions and our position as MJJC is still the same.

Gaz started by mentioning the timing of the tribute concert and how it fells right in the middle of the trial. Global Live representatives told us that it should not matter when the tribute is and as it is a tribute to MJ it surely got to be a good thing. We disagreed and told them that there's something as proper timing. GLE reps told us that the trial still could be delayed. We told them we believed it to be highly unlikely. We also told them that we didn't believe that MJ fans would be in the mindset to enjoy such an event as the trial would be so hard to handle for most with the character and lifestyle assassination of Michael and with the details of his death being discussed.

Gaz then mentioned booking of Gene Simmons and how they didn't do their homework. GLE acknowledged that it was a mistake, he should not been invited and if they could go back and do it again they wouldn't do it. We told them it was too little too late, that the damage was done and it made all the tabloid headlines. Gaz also mentioned them how fans our forum wrote "what's next? Tom Sneddon?"

Gaz told them about fans concerns about high ticket prices and how much - if any- money was going to the charities. The answer was same old, same old with no real answer or further clarification.

Gaz mentioned their FAQ and how it said that artists would perform their own songs as well. GLE reps told him it was an internal error due to being hundreds of people working on this tribute concert.

Gaz also mentioned them how they blamed the fans for misinformation and misunderstanding. This wasn't the case and our issues and stand was based on what they said and done and none of our issues came from side sources but their own pages and statements.

Finally we recommended them contacting the Estate and taking their advice. GLE reps told us that they were working with the Jackson family and not the Estate.

As you can see although Global Live is trying to appear like they are listening to the fans, they aren't hearing what we are telling them. So we don't expect Global Live to make any changes to correct these fan concerns. As mentioned above we weren't impressed with the conference call and the answers we got and it didn't resolve anything for MJJC. Our position stands.

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