Interview: @godsgirl8776

- Well, i've seen that you have meet Chaz and Ryan.
Can you tell something about the experience?

Umm there is way to much to tell can you ask specific questions please?

- What I mean is if you can tell us something about personality of the guys, how they tried you, somethings about his personality and behavior that help to us, the Beliebers to know a little more about theirs, cause the only thing we know is that they are friends of Justin.

Ryan is really shy, but he's flirty. But he talks really quiet so you have to be paying attention, he is really funny though. He is self-conscious too.
Chaz is really outgoing and talks to you a lot, he's always joking around so you never know when he is being serious. We also made an inside joke. Haha

- Why did you meet they?

Chaz designed a few shirts for the clothing line LeNinja so when you buy one you get entered into a contest to be in a photoshoot with Chaz. I didn't win but Chaz knew that girls still really wanted to meet him so he was having a meet and greet. So I begged my dad to drive me 3 hours, to go meet Chaz. Thinking I would say hi and get a picture then leave. But my friend and I were 2 people of 7 that showed up! So we got to stay a lot longer and the 5 other girls left early so it was just my friend me and Chaz Ryan and Caleb. By the way we had NO clue Ryan and Caleb were going to be there! It was pretty much a total surprise! so we hung out for about an hour at the movies and just talked! And I didn't know until I got home that Chaz tweeted that he was hanging out with me!

- Victoria, have you ever met Justin or Cristian? Do you ask something about they to Chaz, Ryan or Caleb?

No I have never met Justin or Christian. They only follow me on Twitter. No I did not ask Chaz, Ryan or Caleb anything about Justin or Christian because my friend and I made a bet to not talk about Justin the entire time. I won.

- Are you and Chaz/ Ryan in contact at least?


- We are about to end. What was for you the best of the meeting?

The overall experience but a highlight for me was when ryan flirted with me and when we were saying lines from never say never together.

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