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30th Aug 2011 from Osfoora

[roughTRANS] Sooyoung's mom's messages left on HwaSuEunHwa fan cafe

You all worried a lot, didn't you..? hehe Yesterday,the day before was hectic.. Sooyoung's is doing better than expected~ Of course she is feeling a little pain, but she's okay because she's taking painkillers..
Because so many people have been enduring the pain with her, and have been so worried, I realized just how much love my daughter's been receiving.. And so I'm staring my day with a full heart..
Sooyoung is still the one reassuring family, members, and friends with a bright face, so you don't have to worry~ There are many others who are really hurt... Because she's sorry about being in her room, she said she's not in pain, and that she's okay..
Like what Sooyoung said, about always being there no matter what..I will keep my word~

So.. Please watch over her with a light heart, and the other members.. Please cheer them on~ They tend to become awkward when one person isn't there... Thank you.. Mom..

*the last [Thank you.. Mom..] should be seen as SY's mom just ending her message, like 'Love, your mom'

-cr: 화수은화/hwasueunhwa

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