Kim Newman · @AnnoDracula

27th Aug 2011 from Twitlonger

You know what I fucking hate? Comments like 'What did you expect? It's not one of those nampy-pamby black and white arthouse films. It's was never going to win an Oscar. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?' I don't expect anything - but here's what I want: a good Conan movie. Every time someone (and it comes up too often to lambaste this particular twit about it) says something like this, the chances of filmmakers even trying to make a good Conan movie dwindle because a representative member of the audience has ASKED to be treated with contempt. The oldest, feeblest, most boneheaded whinge in the whinging tosser's playbook is to make a false comparison with either 'black and white arthouse' or 'Oscar winning' films (two different categories). Of course there's no point in comparing Conan with, say, Pi (b&w arthouse) or No Country for Old Men (Oscar), which is why I didn't. It is s fair to judge Conan by the standards of the Milius Conan, the Steve Reeves Hercules, Richard Fleischer's The Barbarians, Errol Flynn as Captain Blood or Fritz Lang's Siegfried and find it sorely lacking.

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