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25th Aug 2011 from Twitlonger

#Bahrain #Feb14: Translated letter by Ebrahim Sharif, from prison, on the occasion of re-opening @Waad_bh's headquarters (original: http://pastie.org/2428128)

Brothers (& sisters), partners on the path of national struggle;
Steadfast companions (male & female) members of Waad’s organization;
Respected attendees;

I greet you on this occasion, “shake your hands” and say that our party is not a building, headquarters and offices only; rather it is essentially the soul of the martyrs… Mohamed Bu-Naffoor, Mohamed Ghuloom and tens beside them.
It is the solid determination that does not compromise truth to our activists/strugglers and at their helm is the national symbol, Abdul-Rahman al-Noaimi, may God heal him… It is the rejectionist stance our youth took towards the statement that the organization compellingly released after being politically blackmailed.

In prison, oh companions, I found some of the best days of my life. I found that I can re-new my revolutionary youth, even if I am not a revolutionary, per se; rather demanding reform.Here, I re-discover myself. I read, I contemplate and I always think of you, to return to you after months or 5 years with my head held high. I am free in my prison, for detaining the body does not affect one at all, especially versus the authenticity of one’s stances and conscience.

Prison, dear friends, is not worth anything versus victory for people’s concerns and their legitimate dreams in a country that implements justice and equality for all.
On the path of truth & dignity, the biggest hardships & afflictions become small… And with you on the paths of resistance, we remain.

Long live our organization for people’s service;
Eternal glory to the martyrs of the national movement;
Victory & dignity to the people of Bahrain;

And peace be on you, & God’s mercy & blessings

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