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24th Aug 2011 from Twitlonger

PLEASE RT THE DESPICABLE ACTION OF "HELLO BABY" STAFF TO LEETEUK - "Hello Baby" production team blamed LeeTeuk for the 30minutes delay of the launching show, leading to many unjustified news articles from the reporters stating that LeeTeuk arrived late and offered no apology on arrival as he should have done - if he had indeed arrived late due to his own fault.

However, it was revealed that LeeTeuk's late arrival was due to the late finish of the recording of the said show, "Hello Baby", and LeeTeuk's apology had come later during the interview because he had not been aware that the reporters had been told he was the cause of the delay. Still, he apologised for the delay of the launching show despite the fact that he had been blamed by the show's production team. Later, SM officials at the show saw the articles and complained to the production team who then finally told the reporters that it had not been LeeTeuk's fault but still did not clarify that it had been the production team's fault for 1)late finish of the recording which caused LeeTeuk to arrive late, and 2)incorrect explanation for the delayed launching show.

LeeTeuk has been under fierce attack due to his late arrival and his apparent lack of apology for the situation that he apparently caused and the "Hello Baby" production team still has not issued any apology or clarification about the launching show or their action.

Currently, Korean SJ fans are writing to the production team on KBS-Joy BBS, requesting for the official correct explanation behind the launching show fiasco and official apology to LeeTeuk and SM. Their action towards LeeTeuk who is one of the casts for the show is simply unacceptable and KBS's another show, Go Dream Team, has led to Donghae, Yesung, Sungmin's injuries due to their lack of attention while building the stage.

I tweet this in hope to raise awareness to KBS, and especially "Hello Baby" production team's improper behaviour to Super Junior. Please RT and show support for our boys.

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