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23rd Aug 2011 from Twitlonger

Besides #TripoliPrisoners - many other Regime crimes will be revealed soon.One was the massacre of 100's of young #Benghazi police cadets at the #Tripoli Police Academy in March 2011 - who were slaughtered in their classrooms - in an #AbuSalim like fit of spite by #Gaddafi - after #Benghazi started the revolution - & the tyrant doubted their loyalty.

The mostly teenage boys massacre was the subject of several tweats - including an account of a witness report saying he heard the cadets saying "NO NO" when they realized they were just about to be butchered - following by machine gun shots - and then silence.

This #TripoliPoliceAcademyMassacre was of course covered up by the Regime - but will now be fully exposed.

#GaddafiCrimes #Libya

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