The bereaved families and survivors of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign would like to publicly state their thanks and appreciation for the overwhelming support given for the release of Government information pertaining to the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 via epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/2199

We have been truly amazed at the level of commitment and support these past few days. It only reiterates what we have always known - the voices of people from all walks of life are just as loud as ever in their fight for justice and the truth.

Liverpool supporters both home and abroad, supporters of other clubs and sports, professional footballers, managers and other high-profile names, all have been instrumental in getting the epetition on the brink of its required 100,000 signatories.

To quote the professional footballer Joey Barton: “This is not about clubs, rivalries or cities. It’s about human beings and families losing loved ones”.

The petition was initiated in response to the Government's decision to appeal the release of Government information relating to the Hillsborough Disaster. We oppose the appeal and believe that the information should be released immediately in line with the Freedom Of Information Act. We see no reason why we should wait until 2012 to view information which relates to us and which has already been viewed by the panel set up by the government.

Since we announced our backing of the petition on our Social Networking sites, we have received so many wonderful messages of support. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. Together we will reach this goal, and each and every one of you who contributed should be extremely proud of yourselves – we are all so proud of you.

Kenny Derbyshire
Chair – Hillsborough Justice Campaign

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