Sal Niner · @cdsal_99

21st Aug 2011 from Twitlonger

Since the change in the manner that I post my collectibles and memorabilia website updates and the changes on my twitter page, there has been some confusion as to where my website updates are being applied. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to locate them:

1. Go to my twitter page at

2. At the top of my twitter page you will see the link to my page at

3. Click on that link. This will open my page.

4. Scroll down on my page until you see the MY COLLECTIBLES AND MEMORABILIA link; click on that, and it will open the cdsal99 website also known as PROPERTY OF CDSAL99 COLLECTIBLES AND MEMORABILIA.

5. Once on the cdsal99 website, you will see a list of links to its pages under the "In This Issue:" section on the sidebar to your left, including "Links" and "Calendar" (the two pages having the most frequent updates reported on this Twitter feed).

A permanent link to this page has been added on the cdsal99 website's Home page under the WE ARE ON TWITTER! section, for future reference.

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