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20th Aug 2011 from Twitlonger


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- Main trigger points have been set off to confirm the initiating of zero hour – Operation Mermaid Dawn
- A main, fixed, check point in Salah AlDeen, Tripoli, has been found abandoned and unmanned. Security beginning to abandon posts.
- Sleeper cells preparing to engage first phase soon
- Takbeer (allah akbar) being heard from roof tops around Tripoli
- UNVERIFIED reports that fighters have approached Jidayim
- NATO continues to bomb Tripoli target even as we speak

PLEASE – We urge patience and restraint. Patience in how long this may last and what this may take. Restraint in the distribution of information. Gaddafi will be looking to discredit each and everyone of us. PLEASE guard your credibility. NO RUMOURS, verified reports only.

In the name of Allah….we begin.

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