[Trans] 'A SONE's last diary' -- By a sone who just passed away some time ago.

Perhaps you all will never know me in my entire life..
And perhaps the day you all will be reading this will never come.. ^^
But because there are people consistently reblogging my post, there may be some day when you will see this.

When I first saw you.. September 2007.. It was really long time ago, right?
When I think of then, you all weren’t so popular back then were you?
Until then, I had never been a fan of anyone…
But how, did I actually fall in love with you all like this?

Since young my body was weak but I was still addicted to things like smoking, the sense of regret was so much, as much as how I started to like you.
When they started recruiting Sone for the first time.. I told myself, is there a need for me to do it to such an extent.
But until today, I’m still regretful of it..
Because I found out that I’m diagnosed with disease last year… I was never this regretful..
Regretful of how I cannot be actively following you all, regretful of how I cannot be like other Sones, who like you and cherish you as much as me..
Just because I knew it too late..
Then in 2008, when sorrow and joy met... I waited for you all silently, even though we cannot do anything for each other.
Days passed like this..
Until I saw the Gee teaser, my tears flowed, without a word.

I’m grateful.. Really grateful.. Grateful that you came back to our side again.
But because I was wanted to see you all so much during activities, and wanted to keep updated to you all so much..
I neglected my body and health…

Then it was the first time, and the last time, I saw you all at the concert..
But I’m sorry that the memories faded, just like how I’m fading away right now..

From the start until now, my love for you all is really strong.. I missed you..
I’ve never said “Right now it’s Girls’ Generation” to you all before… I will be regretful every single day, when my eyes are still open, still breathing, and still alive..

Yet I don’t regret it when I say I’m going to America..
Because you all became so popular… I can hear news about you anywhere I go..
Being one of the hundreds of people screaming towards you in the concert hall..
Being one of the hundreds of people writing letters to you on your birthdays..

Even though it’s like this, I’m still happy.
For I can feel the love you all are giving us..
For I myself can feel how much I cherish and love you all..
Have I ever been so crazy as a fan before?
Can I ever be so crazy as a fan again for the rest of my limited number of days?
I definitely won’t…

I mean..
Even if I’m just one among the few hundred thousand people.. I won’t mind..
Because I’m among one of the great sones who always say that we love you..
Although I don’t know if I will be like this in someone’s eyes..
In any case... SNSD! For you all.. Knowing this is enough..
We will.. always be supporting you all no matter where you are at, whatever you do..
Congratulations for your 2nd tour… This year, I also pray that you all will be healthy and will not fall sick.

One among the hundred thousand sones..


Translation: @imwhywhy

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