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11th Aug 2011 from Twitlonger

Dear friends. There are a handful of opportunists who constantly invent libels against WikiLeaks and its people. It is best to not respond directly to their smears, since it gives them oxygen and soaks up energies more efficiently spent on keeping the initiative (as opposed to reactive defense).

These opportunists publicly play to a market of extremely powerful groups attempting to disable or destroy us. The opportunists hope that by publicly displaying such hostility, they will igratiate themselves with these powerful groups.

The public words of such opportunists, unless they achieve prominance, should not be directly responded to. Such opportunists cannot be reasoned with, since their purpose is to use their public interaction with you to advertise their loyalty with with those powerful groups that seek to destroy us. If this market signal is eleminated, it will be hard for "buyers" to choose between the "products".

What is, however, of interest, is their network of patronage, the sources of their funding, and where applicable, their true identities.

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