Kevin Pina: "Saved Evans Paul's life in Oct. 1991 when the military wanted to kill him in front of airport. Disappointing when he turned out be just another two-bit putchist in 2004 and later supported the indiscriminate killing through his silence.

Perfect choice of US Embassy and Clinton & Co. for Martelly. USAID has been grooming Evans Paul for years through funding for his foundation, waiting to drag him out and wind him up at the right moment. In addition to Stanley Lucas, Paul stands as a product of Lowenthal and IRI's version of the "Democracy Enhancement" project of the 90s and early 2000s. The lengths to which Obama and Hilary Clinton intend to go as a continuing strategy to thwart Lavalas is now clearer. Come the next elections, I am sure we'll be reminded once again of the hypocritical use of the word democracy by the US Embassy in Port au Prince.

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