Story of @HussainMJawad's visit to his father & the political leaders (English) #Bahrain

Translated from Hussain's tweets:
Today our visit to my father was different. The 14 political leaders came in and he was the last one carried by Sh. Mohammed Habib Meqdad, he asked me to help him. My father couldn't walk or move at all, Sh. Meqdad was carrying him and that's because of the torture he got. His face was read and he was sweating a lot. I helped Sh. Meqdad carry my father and some of the visitors started crying at his sight but he told me: "Don't worry son there's nothing wrong, It's all good."

My father was in so much pain and he said he couldn't sleep because of pelvis, legs and back pain and he was complaining about not taking him to the hospital despite his condition getting worse. According to what I saw of my father today he's almost crippled from movement because of the vicious torture he got and Sh. Meqdad blamed Sh. Nasser for it. I don't normally cry but after seeing my dad in this state I couldn't hold myself, I cried and kissed his hand and held him, Sh. Meqdad almost cried as well. My father said: "I'm proud because I cannot move because of torture I got for the people, I am satisfied because I offered something to them."

Sh. Mohammed Habeeb Meqdad said: "Your father got severely tortured by Prince Nasser Bin Hamad and he almost killed him, your father was reciting Qur'an." My father said he wrote a detailed report about his torture and almost dying from it with the interrogation story, and he wanted us to publish it but they took it away from him. The report he wrote also included a letter to the United Nations and to the people of Bahrain, we should receive it tomorrow Insha'allah. The officer came and told my father: "Why can't you move?". My father replied that it's because of the torture and lack of care the prison staff is giving him. The officer said my father will be taken by ambulance after the visit to the BDF hospital for instant treatment and we were insisting on doing it right away. I asked my cousin if the torturer had any sympathy in his heart, my father said any torturer who felt that would get tortured as well. My father said that he'd get his eyes blindfolded when he was tortured and his hands in chains and hot towels while the legs are in chains as well.

All the leaders told me today they would try to pressure the prison to release my father because he's too sick and cannot move. My father said he wanted to take to court everyone that tortured him including Sh. Nasser Bin Hamad, "I was screaming while he was torturing me and I'd say "Ya Hussain, Ya Allah" and he would shut my mouth with a piece of fabric and kick me." He also said he would lay on his back and see Iraqi torturer cussing at him and the Imams and spitting on his face.

I hold the king and Nasser the full responsibility to any health problem that occurred or going to occur to my father, where's your conscience, your miracles. your nationalism? How do you torture a man in your grandfather's age?

My father said: "Send special regards to the brave youth of Feb14 and tell them I greet them from inside prison and I am happy for what happened to me and what I offered you is very little." He said that after he was taking by car to Al Grain prison they asked him if he knew where he is, he didn't. They said it's the execution room, so he said "Al Hamdu'allah" so they got angry and hit him. Despite my father not being able to move he said they are strong and he kept making jokes and laughing and he was happy because he studied a lot in prison.

Today I saw my father as the most beautiful person in this world, light was in his eyes and tenderness in his voice. He kept telling us: "Don't be afraid, I will be fine." A. Wahab told me: "Son, I will write a letter to help release your father because he's tired and his health condition is too bad to stay in prison." So my father responded: "I only want to get out of prison to get the people moving again, I won't back down from the people's rights and my own even if they want to execute me."

My cousin asked my father: "Are you thinking of leaving prison?". He replied: "I'm not thinking about it, inside prison my conscience is at peace and I'm only thinking of people's rights and forgiveness."

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