To everyone,

The situation in the Palestinian town of Rafah stable naturally as usual .. People in the street and shops are operating normally.
There is water throughout the region, and the health of the news interruption of the water. And Allah knows best

Region on the border between Rafah and Egypt is also operating normally, the tunnels are also operating normally, there is no evacuation of the area as if there is an Israeli aircraft or something like that.
I mean the border between Palestinian Rafah and Egyptian works normally, and the inhabitants of the Palestinian city of Rafah I can see them working in the tunnels, the tunnels of science, Anwar has the electricity, water, and also I can see heavy trucks that transport goods from Egypt through the Rafah tunnels .. I can see heavy trucks transporting and carrying gravel, marble, also ..

Please do not worry, and will share with you the latest details and developments firsthand.

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