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9th Aug 2011 from Twitlonger

#Zliten update 8/8/11

#NATO hits 7Aug: 4 Command and Control Nodes, 1 Military Facility, 1 Weapons Storage, 1 Anti-Tank Weapon, 1 Multiple Rocket Launcher

#NATO bombed interior security and military police today (both in central Zliten)

Zliten FF burnt a tank carrier near Ghweelat School
Zliten FF bombed a #Gaddafi militia car&command;centre yesterday #Libya #Feb17

1FF martyred and 15 injured on #Zliten front

#Zliten front has new mercenaries from #Darfur to help those already present from #Chad and #Mali

#Zliten :Some guys were watching TV in the street. #Gaddafi militia parked up&took;them to fight with them

#Zliten :Difficult humanitarian situation.Food prices have increased,with a reduction in food supplies and electricity. Water is in very short supply, electricity is available only a few hours a day and there is little gas (some people are cooking on coal). Bread shops have closed

#Zliten:Families from SuqAlThalath have been moved to the top floor of a school in #Ghweelat. Mercenries,weapons&ammo;are stored in the bottom floor.This is to prevent #NATO strikes on Gaddafi’s weapons

#Zliten :To clarify previous report of Zliten’s hospital being in FF hands- the freedom flag was raised on Hosp. However, residents feared joining FF as they were tricked the previous day by Gaddafi militia pretending 2b FF (#Gadafi militia painted cars black and carried freedom flag .Residents who joined them were arrested). The FF that raised the flag were arrested

#Gaddafi militia r randomly breaking into homes&expelling;inhabitants(incl proG homes!)

#Zliten All #Dafniya inhabibtants were vacated by #Gaddafi militia.Homes hv been destroyed,farms burnt&animals;have fled. Following defeat and retreat of #Gaddafi militia in #Dafniya, FF have found several houses burgled&turned;upside down

#Zliten FF confirm that the house bombed by #NATO was definitely a #Gaddafi militia base for command&communication;, and that the death of the mother and children is evidence of Gaddafi using human shields

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