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[Trans] JYJ Kim Junsu's 'You are so beautiful' 'Allkilled' the music charts!

JYJ Kim Junsu displayed his potential energy as a superstar by 'Allkilling' the music charts with 'Scent of Woman' OST

Kim Junsu made news by 'You are so beautiful', an OST for 'Scent of Woman.' As soon as the song was released at 12am on the 5th, it swept the top rankings in all the charts-allkilling-including Daum, Naver, Dosirak, Bugs music, etc.
On the afternoon of 5th, Kim Junsu's 'You are so beautiful' stayed on the top rankings, scoring Daum realtime music chart #1, Naver realtime music chart #1, Dosirak realtime #1, Bugs Music realtime #1, and the top rankings in Cyworld music and Melon.
Kim Junsu's attractive voice and the lyrical melody is in harmony, deeply moving people.
'You are so beautiful' was inserted in the drama on the 30th 'Scent of Woman' episode 3 already, and as soon as it was on air, the viewers demanded for the song's release.
With the important parts of 'Scent of Woman,'-unexpected scene where Kim Sunah and Kim Dongwook shares a bed, the scene where Kim Sunah writes down her 'bucket list'-and Kim Junsu's appealing voice together, an explosive reaction is shown.
The viewers who were waiting deperately for the song poured out praises such as, "The song goes nicely with the drama," "Kim Junsu is the legend of the music industry!" "His emotions that makes the listeners sad and his delicious techniques, playing with the beat is of course the best," "The best!!! It will be the legen of all drama OSTs," "The OST is good, and even better because of the singer's sad voice."


The production team of 'Scent of Woman' said, "We think that Kim Junsu's appealing voice and the lovely melody was expressed perfectly through 'You are so beautiful,' making the 'allkill' possible," and added, "please keep paying attention to the nice plot, fancy attractions, and also the beautiful OST of 'Scent of Woman.'"


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