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6th Aug 2011 from Twitlonger

[Trans] JYJ Kim Junsu, First Try for Drama Acting

JYJ Kim Junsu's first acting challenge was revealed. It is a scene where he enjoys a sweet date with Kim Sunah.

JYJ Kim Junsu is specially showing up on Scent of Woman episode 5 on the 6th, as a popular singer who Kim Sunah admires.
Kim Junsu and Kim Sunah meets as the top star in Asia and his big fan, and has dinner together in an event form.

Above all, although it is the first time for Kim Junsu to try a conventional drama acting, he gave off his charm by showing his joyful and happy nature.
His new character, which was difficult to see on TV, is planning to attract woman's heart.

On last 28th, at a fancy resturant in Kyeongki-do Ilsan, Kim Junsu shot a scene where he shows all his fanservice for Kim Sunah who admired him for a long time. Yeon Jae gets deeply touched by Kim Junsu's sweet care. It is even more special to Yeon Jae, since having a date with Junsu is one of her bucket lists.

During the filming, Kim Junsu showed an unbelievably natural acting, even though it was his first try at drama acting. Because he played a realistic role as a top star in Asia, and his acting experience bulit up by musicals, he finished the filming comfortably and proficiently.

Kim Junsu said, "I was nervous because it was my first try at drama acting, but actors including Kim Sunah, Lee Dong Wook, and Um Ki Jun, and staffs helped me a lot so I could act comfortably," and added "I'm watching Scent of Woman from the first episode, and it's so good, also having a nice message. The filming was held in such a good atmosphere, which made me anticipate more for the future episodes."

In addition, Kim Junsu is showing great affection for Scent of Woman by also singing 'You are so beautiful' along with his special show up. Kim Junsu's 'You are so beautiful' is recieving great attention after inserted in the drama from the third episode. Favorable reviews are pouring out, saying that his attractive voice and the loving lyrics is bringing good effects to Scent of Woman.

The production team said "Kim Junsu's special show up inspired new life into Scen of Woman like a vitamin," also added "The actors and staffs were all excited at the special show up of Korea's best singer. The set was in a very friendly and happy atmosphere."


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