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5th Aug 2011 from Twitlonger

[roughTRANS][From.TAEYEON] 4th Anni Message:

Hi!!!!!!!!! I'm T a e y e o n!! 'ㅡ'//
Everyone! It's the 4th anniversary since SNSD was born!
Wow everyone clappp!!!! hikhik -clapclapclapclapclap- jjalajajasahtjat clap! clap!
Thank you for supporting and giving us strength the past 4 years. Fans' strength is the best.
Recently... We saw all the AAGG DVDs^^
You all saw it, too, right?
After watching it all, it really sunk in that 4 years have passed!!
Why are our old videos in there??? Hm???..
Hehe. ^^
Those that have supported us since our debut.. And all those that recently started to gain interest in us...
Everyone of you are special to us and we are thankful!
We always only received from you.. so always.. give us a chance to give back^^ okay?
4th anniversary... I want to spend it meaningfully~
And I will end this message shortly here..
Since I'm going to write again for our 5th anniversaryyyy. hehehe
Congratulations SONE^^^ Contratulations SNSD!!!!!!!!!
Ah, I'm in a good mood.

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