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30th Jul 2011 from Twitlonger

Chris Tucker tells a funny story about Michael on Lopez Tonight 28 July 2011.

George: Here's what I like. the first time I saw you do stand-up there was a lot of Michael Jackson dancing, really a great impression of him. And then I just found out recently that you guys were pretty good friends.

Chris : Oh yeah man. I was blessed man. You know to grow up and to meet somebody I idolized and admired so much and become his friend. I was in one of his videos and stuff. Just love Michael. We became friends and I hang out with him a lot.

Michael was just so nice. You'll be around him, you'll just get happy. He would give you anything if you liked something.
I was just complimenting a flat screen TV and he gave it to me. (laughter)
I was like "Michael I didn't want the TV" (laughter)
But then the black came out of me and I started liking everything there. (laughter and applause)
I said "Michael I like that Rolls Royce. That's a bad Rolls Royce. Not the old one , the new Rolls Royce, right there" (laughter continues)
He was like (mimicking Michael) " You like it Chris?"
I said "Yeah I like it"
He said (mimicking Michael) " You sure you like it? "
I said "Yeah I like it"
He said (mimicking Michael) "You better go buy one, because I ain't giving you no Rolls Royce. I gave you a TV, damn".

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